Long Lehao




Mr. Long Lehao was born in Hanyang County of Hubei Province July 1938. After graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University's Automatic Control Major in 1963, he was dispatched to the System Engineering Department of the Fifth Academy of DoD. Then he was promoted from a technician to group leader, division head and directing designer of Long March 3 launch vehicle. In 1984, he was designated as the head of the System Engineering Department. Two years later, he was also appointed as the associate chief designer of Long March 3A, then the chief designer in 1989. In 1991, he was promoted to VP of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and the chief designer and chief commander of Long March 3A/3B/3C.
Mr. Long Lehao has participated and chaired the development of seven different launch vehicles and missiles in the past 36 years of engineering and management experience in the aerospace industry. He was involved in the system design of the first Chinese ICBM and advanced the design of the terminal velocity correction, which improves the target-hitting accuracy significantly. While chairing the system design of Long March 3, he assisted the chief designer in resolving some critical technical difficulties, such as propellant self-pressurization and management under cryogenic conditions. He headed the whole development process of Long March 3A/3B/3C, on which 50 research projects were put forward and over 100 new technologies were adopted. During the development process, He organized 8 technical breakthroughs, including pressurization with cryogenic helium and compact four-axis inertial platform.
Long March 3A and 3B have successfully launched several satellites for domestic and international customers. The performances of the launch vehicles have reached an advanced level in the world and win one national top-grade advanced technology prize and four first-level advanced technology prizes from space industry.
Due to the effective and hard work, Mr. Long Lehao himself gets many honors from space industry and the government, including model worker, special contributing expert, national excellent technician and first May Day labor medal winner.