Chen Keji



Chen Keji, M.D.,an outstanding expert of integrative medicine,is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was born on October 20, 1930 in Fuzhou City and graduated from Fujian Medical University in 1954. He pursued advanced studies at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 1959 and 1964. He has studied Chinese traditional medicine under well-known doctors since 1956 and has received First Prize from the Beijing Government. Dr. Chen is a professor of clinical cardiology and geriatrics at Beijing Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now he serves as honorary director of All-China TCM Geriatrics Center and director of Key Lab of Cardiology, the State Administration of TCM. Dr. Chen is also an honorary professor of Sun Yet-sen University of Medical Sciences, Medical College of Jinan University, China Pharmaceutical University and Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine; guest professor of UCLA and Taiwan's Yang-Ming Medical University, and honorary president of Fujian College of TCM. Dr. Chen is the first generation expert of intetgrative medicine. At the end of 1950s, he carried out research on hypertensive disease and catecholamine metabolism. He is the major researcher of “coronary Heart No. Ⅱ"compound prescription and “Kuan-Xion" Aerosol for treating coronary heart disease. Dr.Chen was the first one who has proved tetramethylpyrazine could inhibit the platelet's surface activity by electron microscopic observation. He firstly applied this ingredient for treating ischemic stroke. He advocated to treat SSS by using warming heral medicines and higenamine. Dr. Chen developed Xuefu Zuyu concentrated granule for preventing restenosis post-interventional therapy on coronary disease patients, and carried out researches on its mechanism related to gene expression and NO level. He has explained the relationship between blood-stasis syndrome and the ultrastructure and function of platelets by his experiments. He has received several National/Ministry of Health Academic Awards, and was awarded the “Albert Einstein" World Award of Science by the World Cultural Council in 1989,the “Li-Fu"TCM Award in 1994 in Taiwan and the “Qiu-shi" Award in 2001, He is the author of more than 270 scientific papers. He has cultivated more than 50 postdoctoral, doctors and masters of medicine. He went abroad to communicate the scientific researches for more than 40 times and promote Chinese medicine towards the world. In 1991, he was eelected the  academician of China Academy of Sciences. In 1998, he was eelected as vice director of Academic Division of Biology, China Academy of Sciences. He is the president of Chinese Association of Integrateive Medicine and Chinese Gerontological Society. Dr. Chen is one of the standing committee members of Chinese Medical Association and has been a WHO Expert Advisory Panel Member on Traditional Medicine since 1979.