Pei Gang




Professor Pei Gang, born on Dec. 11 of 1953, graduated from Shengyang College of Pharmacy with a B. S. in 1981 and a M. S. in 1984. He went to Karolinska Institute in Sweden as a visiting scholar in 1986, and pursued his Ph.D. study in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in USA during 1987-1991. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics in 1991, he continued his postdoctoral research in Howard Hughes Institute, Duke University Medical Center till 1995. Then he came back to Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology to take the Yong Research Group Leader position, co-sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences and German max-Plank Society.
Professor Pei Gang has been working on signal transduction of G protein-coupled receptors and its regulation since 1991, and he has made significant progress in this area. Especially after his coming back, he and his group have revealed some important molecular, cellular, and neural mechanisms underlying the opiate drug tolerance, dependence and addiction, as well as the cross-talking between different signaling pathways. Their results for the last four years have been published in more than 40 research papers at PNAS, JEM, JBC, and Mol. Pharmacol., etc. Professor Pei Gang has been considered to play a major role in implementing and promoting of signal transduction research in China.