Peng Xianjue




Peng Xianjue was born in Xiangtan County,Hunan Province in September,1941.In 1964,he graduated from Atomic Engineering Department of Haerbin Military Engineering College and began to engage in theoretical research and design of nuclear weapons in the Ninth Acadmy of the Second Machinery Ministry( now the China Academy of Engineering Physics,CAEP).he successively held the following posts:head of scientific research group,director of research laboratory,deputy chief engineer and deputy director of the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IACPM),deputy chief engineer of CAEP,and now he is the deputy director of Science and Technology Commission,CAEP.
During the long time of exploring,research and design on nuclear weapons,he proposed many important design ideas and suggestions,which were applied in practice and played a very significant role in raising performance of nuclear weapons.In 1994,he gained the Honor Title of Young and Middle Age Expert of National Outstanding Achievements.He also won several items of National Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress:two for the first class prize,one for the second class prize and two for the third class prize.