Wang Zhongcheng



“The most important thing in my life is to do some things for my country and my people.”It was said by Dr.Wang Zhongcheng (also known as Chungcheng Wang),chairman of Chinese Neurosurgical Association,president of Neuroscience Institute of CAMS (Chinese Academy of Medical Science) and one of the academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering.He also holds memberships in several other international professional organizations including AANS (America Association of Neurosurgeon) and IBRA (International Brain Research Association).
Dr.Wang was graduated from Peking University School of Medicine and completed his residency training in neurosurgery at Tianjin General Hospital in 1952.Then he held a faculty position in Beijing Neurosurgical Institute from 1960.At that time he first applied cerebral angiography in the diagnosis of cerebral vascular disease.He also served as the director of neurosurgical department of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital from 1965 to 1980 before founding Beijing Tiantan Hospital.Dr.Wang is credited with pioneering the neurosurgical development in China.He has an international reputation in the surgical treatment of neurological diseases with high success rate.He holds a lot of the “Firsts” in the world:the first man who has done more than 1000 operations of cranial aneurysms,the first man who has done the largest number of operations in AVMs (arteriovenous malformations) cases,and the first man who holds the lowest operative mortality rate of brain stem and intramedullary spinal cord tumor.His exquisite surgical techniques in the treatment of brain stem and spinal tumors were nominated as the “art of neurosurgery”.During the past 47 years,the total number of operations he did had already exceeded 10000 cases.
He founded the Chinese Neurosurgical Journal and the Chinese Neurosurgical Association in 1980s,which made great contributions to the academic exchanges between the neurosurgeons in China.Under his direction,the neurosurgical admission records and diseases classifications were standardized all over the country.He also takes an active part in the country-wide epidemiological investigations of central nervous system diseases including epilepsy,brain tumors,cerebral vascular diseases and traumatic brain injury,which used to be a sparse area in China.He was also the chief editor of a lot of important neurosurgical textbooks such as Neurosurgery (3 volumes); Cerebral Vascular Diseases:diagnosis and treatment;Atlas of Neurosurgical operations etc.For many years,Dr.Wang has done a great deal in the training of young neurosurgeons.There are altogether more than 2000 neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists who had been given advanced education in CAMS neurosurgical institute since 1976.Some of them have become famous specialists in their corresponding fields respectively.
Dr.Wang had been given countless national and international rewards due to his outstanding contributions to the rapid neurosurgical development in China.He is not only renowned for his academic achievement,but also for his great loves to the patients,to the people,and to the country.