Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was established in 1994 and ten years has elapsed since then.
When we first had an idea to establish such a foundation to reward excellent Chinese scholars in science and medical fields, the then Vice Premier Zhu Rongji gave his high praise, encouragement and support to the idea.

Xu Zhijian,former Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council, was invited to take charge of the coordination work with staff members coming from the State Science and Technology Commission and the State Education Commission (today’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education). The Foundation was officially established. With full support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, with sincere cooperation from all members of the Board of Trustees, the Selection Board and the Investment Committee, and with the guidance provided by Foundation consultants, the Foundation has all along operated in good condition and has made satisfactory achievements. We feel deeply gratified and would like to take the chance to express our gratitude. When the Foundation was first established, everything was in an exploration period. Thanks to the leadership of Professor Hui Yongzheng and Professor Zhu Lilan, and the sincere cooperation of all members, the Board of Trustees and the Evaluation Board gradually set up standardized operation and fair and rigorous assessment criteria for the Foundation. Their extraordinary contributions laid a solid foundation for the management of the fund. Here, we pay our sincere tribute to all members of the Board of Trustees, the Selection Board as well as our consultants for their great support and efforts.

Regulation of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
on the Selection of the award winners of its Prizes