Dr.Ye Qizhen, a specialist in field of nuclear reactor and nuclear power generation technology, was born in September 1934. He graduated from Electric Power Engineering Depar tment of Shanghai Jiaotong university in 1955, and received Candidate (PhD) degree from Moscow Energetic Institute in December 1960. He was elected the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering  in December 2003.
In 1960s he participate in Chinese first production reactor design. In 1970s,as a chief design engineer he organized the design of production and power generation reactor. In early 1980s,he established Computer Application Institute of Nuclear Industry, and became president of the Institute.
 From 1986 year on base of selfreliance he began to build first in China 600M We commercial nuclear power plant—Qinshan Nuclear Power Project phase 2.As a project chief design engineer he presided feasibility studies, general design, and organized the review of preliminary design and made decisions for important technical issues. During the construction period he organized to constitute the construction schemes for important technical items, and dealt with important nonconformity problems. He presided the testing program on built reactor for reactor internals  flowinduced vibration, and first in China executed this test in success. In 2003,the research achievement—“Reactor internals flowinduced vibration on built reactor testing”—received second class Award of the Science and Technology Progress Prize by CDSTC. Design of Qinshan Nuclear Power Project phase 2 has a number of integrated innovations, including new reactor core design, safety systems impovement, power generation optimization, etc.  In 2004, this project received  first class Award of the National Prize for Science and Technology Progress.