Hu Hesheng



Prof.Hu Hesheng,a mathematician,was born in Shanghai,China, completed her postgraduate study in the Department of Mathematics,Zhejiang University in l952.Professor,Fudan University.Former vice president of Chinese Mathematical Society and President of the Shanghai Mathematical Society.She was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Science in 1991 and an academician of the Third World Academy of Science in 2003.
She has been engaged in differential geometry and mathematical physics for a long time until now.She developed and improved the works of several famous mathematicians on the problems such as the deformation theory of hypersurfaces and the characteristics of spaces with constant curvature.In 1964 Hu presented a general method for determining all the gaps of the isometric groups of the Riemannian manifolds and therefore solved this important problem sustained for over 60 years.In her excellent research work aiming to various difficult problems in mathematical physics such as the determination of the spherically symmetric gauge potentials,the existence and nonexistence of static solutions and lump phenomena in Yang-Mills theory,Hu has obtained important results of high level.In recent years,she studied the theory of integrable systems together with the applications in the surface theory,harmonic maps and Toda equations,she developed the  geometrical theory of solutions.In the 2002 International Congress of Mathematicians,she was invited as the lecturer of the Noether lecture in honor of the great woman mathematician Emmy Noether.For fifty years she has educated a lot of excellent mathematicians in China.