Ren Meie




Ren Mei-e,geogoapher and coastel scientist.was born in Ningbo ,on 8 September,1913.He is Bsc .in geography,former National Central University,1934, Ph.D,in geomorphology, University,1939.
Since 1939,he was professor of geography in Zhejiang,Fudan,National Central and Nanjing University.In 1986-1987,he was Fulbright visiting professor in U.S.A and was invited to give lectures in more than 10 famous universities and institutions in USA and the last two decades.He was elected member of International Commission on Ma-rine Geology in 1980s and Honorary member of International Quaternary Association.
Now, he is profesor in State Laboratory for Coastal and Island Exploitation,Nanjing university, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Honorary President of Geographical Society of China and Oceanographical Society of China. He has published about 200 papers and more than 10 book (somein English).His main contributions are:
(1)Outline of Physical Geography of China
(in Chinese, English,Spanish and Japanese);received supreme(highest)award from State Education Commission in 1988.
(2)He is first Chinese scientist introducing Paleaooceanon graphical to China.In the early 1980s,his papers on the content and significance of paleaooceanography  have played a great role in promoting paleaocceanongraphical research in China.
(3)He was leader of Comprehensiv Survey of Coastal and tidal flat resources in Jiangsu Proviqnce,result of the Survey was granted Supreme award in advancement of Science and technology from Jiangsu Provincial Government in 1985.
(4)He proposed the Construction of Telu Port,Hainan Island and Huanghe Port,Yellow River Delta against opposition of many Chinese Scientists ,These two ports were Constucted according to his Proposal and there is no difficulty in port mantenance.
(5)Since 1983,he focussed his research on the Lowwer Yellow River and its delta.His resent paper on “Environmental problem of no-flow of the Lower YellowRivcer and its response strategies"was haighly evaluated by Chinese Scientists.
Owing to his outstanding contribution in geoscience, he received Victoria medal from Royal Geographical Society of London in 1986.