Su Buchin



Professor Su Buqing, a famous mathematician, was born in September, 1902 in Pingyang, Zhejiang Province. He went to Japan in July of 1919 and graduated from the Mathematics Department of the National Northeastern (Thoku) University (Japan).He received the degree of Doctor of Science in 1931 in the same university. One month later he returned to China and took a position of Associate Professor in Mathematics Department of Zhejiang University. In 1933 he was promoted to Full Professor and took his office as a chairman. In 1948 Professor Su BuQing was elected to be a member of Academia Sinica and a member of Standing Committee of Sciences. After 1949, He worked as Dean in Zhejiang University and Fudan University, consecutively, and Director of Institute of Mathematics, Vice-President, President and Honarary President in Fudan University. Professor Su is a member of Academia Sinica of P.R. China.
Prefessor Su founded a school of differential geometry  in China. In the 1920s, he discoved a very significant quartic algebraic cone (of third class), which was named the Su-cone. He won international recognition by his contributions to affine differential geometry. In his study of projective surfaces, Professor Su Buqing thoroughly studied the Laplace sequences with period four, found a significant configuration, which is called Su's chain. In addition, Professor Su made his important contributions on the theory of curves in the projective space, on the theory of conjugate nets in the space of higher dimension, and differential geometry of generalized spaces. In the early 1970s, Professor Su Buqing introduced into computational geometry the method of affine invariants for algebraic curves. A part of the theoretical studies has been successfully applied to the mathematical lofting of the hull in the shipbuilding industry, and the designing of the shape of turbine blades in the aircraft in dustry.
At the same time, Professor Su has been ever worked in training his students and has brought up a large numer of talented students. His influence upon Chinese Mathematics has been immense. Professor Su Buqing is a leading figure of morden mathematics in China.