Lu Baolin




Lu Baolin was born on June 19, 1916 in Changshu, Jiangshu Province. He received Bs from Schoow University in 1938 and after receiving Ms from Tsinghua University in 1941,  he served in the Institute of Agriculture of Tsinghua University, the college of Agriculture of Peking University and Beijing University of Agriculture. Since 1952, he moved to the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences and held the research professor and the director of the Key Laboratory of Vector Biology and Control.
Lu is the one who opened up the medical entomology in China, and particularly made important contributions in Culicidology. He has made a series studies on systematic, bionomics, vector relationships and integrated control of mosquitoes over a half century. He is the chief editor of the Fauan of Chinese Culicidae (Fauna Sinica, Insects vols. 8 and 9, Diptera, Culicdae I & II, 1997), which includes the descriptions of 361 species and subspecies with keys and accompanied over 2,000 figures. It might be considered as a summary of the studies of the mosquito of fauna of China for nearly a century.
He also has worked on the vectors and the control of mosquito-borne diseases in China, In 1974-1984, he took charge of a natural corporated project of the studies on dengue vectors Aedes albopictus and Ae.aegypti and their control. Through the studies over 5 years, he proposed a scheme for the control of the disease, which is the important reference on dengue control in Guangzhou, Hainan Island and other places.
His another contribution is the studies on the integrated management of mosquitoes. His book, “The Integrated Mosquito Control (1984)" and the revised editor published recently elucidated and expounded the principles and methodology in integrated management of mosquitoes and the policy and strategy of urban mosquito control.
  He was elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980.