Zhao Zhongxian




Zhao Zhongxian,was born in Xinmin County,Liaoning Province on 30 January 1941.He graduated from Department of Technical Physics of the University of Science and Technology of China in 1964,with major of low temperature physics.From then on he has been working in the Institute of Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences.He had studied superconductivity in University of Cambridge (1974-1975) and Ames Lab.lowa U.S.A.(1984-1986) as a visiting scholar.He is now a professor of the Insititute,director of National Laboratory for Superconductivity.His interesting fields have always been the study of the low temperature physics and superconductivity.Since 1976 he began to be engaged in searching for high temperature superconductor.About more than 60 papers have been published which mainly concerned with the study of flux flow and pinning in type Ⅱ superconductivity of amorphous alloys,and high temperature superconductor.He turned to study oxide superconductor,heavy fermion system in 1983.At the end of 1986,in the study of superconductors of Ba-La-Cu-O system,he noticed the impurity effect on the system.In 1987,he joined in discovery of nitrogen temperature superconductor.Because of this he was awarded in 1986 TWAS Award in Physics,Tan Kah-Kee Award in Material Science in 1988,and the first rank National Nature Science Prize in 1990.
He was awarded a honorable doctor of Science of Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988.Membership:Chinese Academy of Sciences;Third World Academy of Sciences and Academy of Ceramics(international).He is also a standing member of China Association of Science and Technology,vice president of Chinese Physics Society,honorable fellow of Material Research Society,special member of CCAST World Laboratory.